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Toying Around - Top Ten of 2018

So another year has come and gone, It has been a very good year for Toys and Action Figures. I just want to thank you all for all the love and support you all give me, this would not be possible if not for all of you so thank you! So sit back and take a look at my personal TOP TEN from all the figures I reviewed this past year.


#10 - Evil MMPR Red Ranger (Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel)

Coming in at #10 is the Evil Red Ranger from the 25th-anniversary episode of Power Rangers. The episode itself was a lot of fun to watch especially with Tommy's Master Morpher, and I am happy that Bandai gave us this Evil Red Ranger figure, they really didn’t have to since the toy contract itself is moving over to Hasbro next year.


#9 - Mighty Muggs: Spider-Man

Mighty Mug Spider-Man takes the #9 spot. Wasn’t sure what to think when Hasbro said they were going to bring Mighty Mugs back, but this little guy sure is fun. The new eye-changing gimmick is fun and the smaller size of them makes it easier to put on a shelf or your desk at work.


#8 - DC Primal Age Mister Freeze (NYCC Exclusive)

Mr. Freeze takes the #8 spot. This figure and line in itself are just what we needed this year. A nice call back to the old He-Man style. This figure itself was an NYCC exclusive and I have to thank our parent network, The OG Podcast Network, for getting us up to NYCC this year so I was able to get one. The line is on Amazon so do yourself a favor and pick them up, it will definitely take you back to your childhood.


#7 - Thanos: Marvel Legends (Walmart Exclusive)

#7 goes to Thanos, now at 1st, I wasn’t thrilled when Hasbro said Thanos was coming out again, we had just got him a year and a half ago as a Build-A-Figure, but after getting him in hand I’m happy I did. The brighter paint and the added Infinity Gauntlet add so much to this figure.


#6 - Scrooge McDuck (Funko Disney Afternoons)

If you want your nostalgia strings pulled then look no further than Scrooge McDuck from the Disney Afternoon line. Growing up we never really did get a DuckTales line, and with the new show on Disney XD being so good, it just lends to having some more action figures.


#5 - Baymax (Disney Toy Box)

Jumping in at #5 we have Baymax from the Disney Toy Box Line. This line is only at Disney stores. Now when this line started last year the figures had some major QC issues, but I will say over this last year they have fixed them and this line has become one of my favorite lines. Baymax is just a lot of fun to play and pose with.


#4 - Doctor Strange/Ghost Rider (Funko Pop!)

The Ghost Rider/Dr. Strange pop! comes in at #4. This is a figure we opened up on Toying Around Live, and I was just blown away by all the details that Funko had put into this figure. The orange/yellow fire hair really pops (no pun intended) Happy to add him to the collection.


#3 - PS4 Spider-Man (Marvel Legends: GamerVerse)

Spider-Man comes in at #3. This Spider-Man figure is one that I was so excited about when they announced him and he did not disappoint. Taken right from the new PS4 Spider-Man game, This figure looks like he came right out of the game itself. You can find him at GameStop, If you are a Spider-Man fan or a fan of the game, pick him up.


#2 - Mezco One:12 Wolverine (PX Exclusive)

#2 is the Mezco Wolverine. Now I am not one to normally get the higher-end figures, my budget doesn’t normally allow for that, But when Mr. Maurer got this figure from Mashko Collectables I knew I had to review it. The detail they put into the figure is amazing and all the different parts and accessories are 2nd to none.


Honorable Mentions

Just missing out on the Top 10 was 8-bit Batman from Funko, MCU Vision from Marvel Legends and Black Manta from the DC Multiverse line.


#1 - Darkseid (DC Comics Icons)

My NUMBER ONE spot goes to the 1st I reviewed this year, Darkseid from the DC Icons line. It is said that the Line also came to an end, but it did give us that impressive 12 inches tall Darkseid to take on the Justice League with. He is massive and with all the articulation he has, nothing comes 2nd to him.


So that wraps up another Top Ten for me. Thank you all again! If not for everyone I would not be able to do this!

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