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Toying Around - Top Ten of 2016

So another year has come and gone, it’s crazy to think that it has been a year already of me doing toy reviews here at Fireside and I wouldn't be doing this if not for all of you so thank you! So please sit back and take a look at my TOP TEN from all the figures I reviewed this past year.


#10 In the number ten spot, I have 3.5 inches, Captain America, with Bike from the Civil War movie. He is on the list for a few different reasons. The first reason it’s Captain America on a bike, I mean C'mon! The second reason is a little more personal, This is the figure review I put up the day my father passed away, so he will forever be linked to me to that day.


#9 Coming in at the number nine spot is the Collect and Connect Justice Buster. For a figure of this size, he has a decent amount of articulation and is a lot of fun to pose.


#8 Number 8 we have good old Spider-Gwen. For me, she was really hard to track down, but I am so happy I found her. You can get her into some nice poses and the extra Gwen head with an extra piece to make it look like the hoodie is down was a very nice touch.


#7 Iron Man comes in at number seven. This is Iron Man Mark 46 from the Civil War line. Iron man has a lot of articulation but the way the armor on the shoulders limits the amount of range you can get with him if that was different he would be higher on the list.


#6 At number six we have the Astral form for Doctor Strange. Now Hasbro has done other Astral forms before, but this one came out nice. The pearl white they used with just a little hint of blue makes it look like he is in an astral form from the movie and the comics.


#5 Batman comes in at number five. This Batman is from the Batman v Superman line, he is also the 1st figure I reviewed this year. Both he and Superman kicked off Toying Around! Now Mattel is known for not having a ton of articulation with figures but I think they did a good job with him. The amount of detail they put into the suit and the cowl makes him stand out.


#4 Civil War Spider-Man comes in at number four! We finally have a Spider-Man inside the MCU! He was great in Captain America: Civil War and the figure itself is awesome. It has been said that Hasbro only had a short amount of time to get the figure from paper to plastic so that is why he isn't as screen-accurate as he could be. My only real issue is how dark they made the figure. If he was a little brighter he would be perfect for me.


#3 My boy Raphael from the Wal-Mart Classic Collection comes in at number three. This figure has so much articulation and extra stuff like heads and accessories it’s crazy! My only real complaint about the figure is how they made the hands, now while it is nice to be able to have all three fingers move, it kinda hurts how tightly the figure can hold the weapons.


#2 Number two we have Green Lantern from the Icons collection! For me, this figure fits in perfectly with any other DC movie-type figure. He also comes with a butt load of accessories that's its not even funny! Tons of articulation and is all-around an awesome figure!


HONORABLE MENTION For honorable mention I have two, first is the Spider-Man Noir from the 4-inch Marvel Legends line. Not only does he have a lot of articulation but this version of Spider-Man is such a badass so it’s nice to have him. side note: he doesn’t come with a jacket that he wears in the comic so I added an MCU Nick Fury jacket to him. The second is The Joker from the End Game storyline. now while you can get him into a lot of different positions it’s just something about him that throws me off enough to not put him in my top ten.


#1 Now, if anyone really knows me they must have known what my Number One would have been! The Green Ranger from the Power Ranger Legacy Line. I flat-out love this figure so much. my only complaint about him is how Bandai made the ball joints for the wrists. I feel it takes away from the figure a little and makes the arm area look a little longer than it needs to be. That aside it is a small complaint about an otherwise amazing-looking figure! He comes with his dragon dagger and also the Sword of Darkness, something we have never got before in toy form.


So that wraps it up, My Top Ten from this my first year doing Toy Reviews, again thank you so much to, everyone, that supported me this past year and look forward to doing it all again in 2017

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