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Toying Around - Shield Wielding Heroes Two Pack

Hasbro is bringing back the comic two packs for the 3.75-inch line and has re-branded the line under the Marvel Legends line. Today, we will be taking a look at the Shield-Wielding Heroes pack. The pack comes with the Sam Wilson Captain America and Vance Astro figures.

PACKAGING: The figures come in the new style pack with the comic displayed in the back with the figures at the bottom. On the back of the package, it displays both of the figures along with the other sets available in this new comic two-pack line.

ACCESSORIES: Both figures come with a Captain America shield. The pack also comes with a comic book. This issue is All-New Captain America #1 with a Special Secret Wars cover.

HEIGHT: Sam Wilson Captain America and Vance Astro both stand at 4.5 inches tall.

ARTICULATION: The Articulation is almost the same in both figures The Head is on a ball joint Arms are on a hinged ball joint Elbows are on a single hinge joint Waist swivel (Captain America only) Legs are on a ball joint Double-jointed knees Ankles are on a hinge joint with added ankle pivot SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Captain America standing with some of the former Captain America. Sam Wilson standing next to a few other versions of himself. Here is Vance Astro next to some of his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy.

So, I have to say, I am glad after all this time to have a Sam Wilson Captain America. However, I am a little upset about the lack of articulation that is on the figures nowadays. Yes, I know Hasbro has come out and said it is due to the cost of the plastic and the price point for the figures, but still. I was also disappointed that Captain America didn't at least come with a hole in the back so you can store the shield when not in use. As for Vance Astro, I don't know enough about him to really have an opinion on him one way or the other. All I know about him is that he is from the future and was on the original Guardians of the Galaxy team. At one point, he came back from the future and talked himself out of going into the space program and is now the hero of Justice. As for the figure himself, he isn't a bad figure; he just needs a waist swivel like Captain America. Both of them need upper arm swivels.

retail cost: $19.99 I give the two-pack an 8/10


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