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Toying Around Reviews - Transformers Robots in Disguise: Fracture

Today we will be taking a look at Fracture, the Decepticon bounty hunter, from the Transformers Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.) line. The R.I.D. line is figures based on the tv show of the same name that airs on Cartoon Network.

PACKAGING: Fracture comes in the standard packaging for the R.I.D. line. You have artwork of Fracture and the logo at the top with the name Transformers running down the side, and the figure clearly displayed in the middle. The back of the box shows the figure in both robot mode and bike mode. You also get a look at the 11 easy steps to transform the figure. Below is an ad for the mobile app that you can download on both iOS and Android.

if you have the app you can scan the logo.

ACCESSORIES: Fracture comes with his main weapon, his cannon. The canon can be plugged into his back like it is on the show. In bike mode, you can attach the cannon on the side to make it the muffler.

HEIGHT: To the top of his head, Fracture stands around 5 inches tall.


SIZE COMPARISON: Here he is standing with R.I.D. Bumblebee and 3.75-inch Marvel Legends Falcon Cap.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really like this figure a lot. Bounty Hunters are always fun since they don't play by the rules. The only complaint I have, and it is really little, is that when he is in bike mode you really can't sit anyone on the back. Other than that little issue, he is a great figure; definitely, one to pick up and add to your collection!

Retail cost: $15.99

I give Fracture a 9/10


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