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Toying Around Reviews - The Justice Buster

We have finished taking a look at all the figures in this line so today, at last, we will finally take a look at the Collect and Connect Figure - The Justice Buster FIGURE PIECES: So let’s take a look at all the pieces and who they came with before we put him together Batman - Right Leg, The Joker - Left Arm, The Arrow - Right Arm, Superman - Left Leg, The Flash - Head & Shoulder Armor, Revers Flash - Torso

JUSTICE BUSTER ASSEMBLED: Let's take a look at the front and back side of the Justice Buster

HEIGHT: Justice Buster stands around 8.5 inches tall but if you count the ears he is 9.5 inches tall


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Justice Buster standing with BvS Batman and The Green Arrow

FINAL THOUGHTS: I have to say I really do like this Collect & Connect figure, he is super tall and has a little bit of articulation to go with him, enough to get him into some nice poses. Plus he has a little bit of weight to him, which is nice to see on a figure you are building yourself.

Retail cost $120.00 - after buying all 6 figures :-) I give The Justice Buster a 9/10



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