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Toying Around Reviews - Power Rangers Movie Legacy Red Ranger

Today, in honor of the Power Rangers Movie released today, We will be taking a look at the Movie Legacy Line Red Ranger with the Megazord Build-A-Figure.


PACKAGING: The Red Ranger comes in the New Power Rangers Legacy packaging. You have the Power Rangers logo at the top with the figure displayed in the middle. Down below you have a picture of the Ranger from the movie on the left and the name of the Ranger on the right. The Movie logo is in the middle on the bottom. On the back of the box, you have a picture of the Megazord and the rest of the figures you need to complete it. Down below you have the rest of the figures you need to collect to make the Megazord.


OUTSIDE THE BOX: Red Ranger outside the box.


ACCESSORIES: Red Ranger comes with his Power Sword and also the left arm for the Megazord.


HEIGHT: Red Ranger stands a hair under 6.5 inches tall.


ARTICULATION: Here is all the articulation Red Ranger has.


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is the Red Ranger with the 4-inch Red Ranger Action Hero figure. Here is Red Ranger with Green Ranger and also Iron Man since everyone says the suits look like Iron Man suits.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Now while overall I do really like this figure, The whole Legacy line as a whole is a win, I do have one big issue with this figure. That comes in the way of there is no upper bicep swivel on any of the Movie figures. Bandai did say due to the costume they could not fit it in but I do think they could have found some way to make it work. Without it, you have a hard time trying to pose the figure in some decent action poses. He would be the perfect figure if he had a swivel in the bicep!

Retail cost $19.99

I give Legacy Movie Red Ranger a 9/10


TIME FOR SOME TOYING AROUND! After a long hard-fought battle, Red Ranger is just relaxing in his T-Rex Battle-Zord.


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