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Toying Around Reviews: Power Rangers Movie 5 inch Red Ranger

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to our 1st review of 2017! Today we have our first look at the Red Ranger from the new Power Rangers Movie line. This figure isn't scheduled to hit the shelves till Jan 2nd but I was able to grab myself an early release of the figure along with Alpha 5. So let’s get to it and check him out

PACKAGING: The Red Ranger comes in what will be the stranded packaging for this movie line. The Card back has a picture of the Morpher with a power coin in the middle. The Figure itself is clearly displayed in the middle with the Power Rangers log and the figures name listed below On the back of the box, you have the rest of the figures that are available, along with some blackout images of figures that will be coming soon!

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here is the Red Ranger outside the box

ACCESSORIES: The Red Ranger only comes with his Power Sword

HEIGHT: Red Ranger stands just a little over 5 inches tall

ARTICULATION: Here is the articulation for the Red Ranger, as you can see the articulation is very limited

SIZE COMPARISON: Here is the Red Ranger with the Original Red Ranger figure along with the Red Ranger from the Super MegaForce line from a few years ago Since everyone has been joking that the suites look like Iron Man, here he is with the Civil War Marvel Legends Iron Man and the 4-inch Iron Man

FINAL THOUGHTS: Now I have to say overall I am OK with the look that they are going with, with the new suites. This figure, however, is a little lacking when you compare it to some of the other figures that we have gotten in the past. He has a very minimal amount of articulation. A boot and wrist cuts would have been nice. I know they normally don't do waist cuts on the figure but it would have been a nice surprise. I just feel like with a few more things here and there we could have gotten so much more out of this figure, along with a lot better ways to pose the figure! Retail cost $9.99 I give Movie Red Ranger a 7/10


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