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Toying Around Reviews - Marvel Legends Retro Collection: Symbiote Spider-Man

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Today we will be taking a look at Symbiote Spider-Man from the Marvel Legends Retro collection. This is how Spider-Man looked in Spider-Man the animated series and also all the way back in the Secret Wars mini-series from the 80s. The Marvel Legends Series is a lower-tier toy line that both collectors and non-collectors alike would be interested in. This is an action figure line based on the characters of Marvel Comics, initially produced by Toy Biz, then by Hasbro. This line is in the 6-inch (150 mm) scale, with spin-off lines in the 4-inch (100 mm), 8-inch (200 mm), and 12-inch (300 mm) scale. these figures tend to look good inside and outside the box.


PACKAGING: Before we open this up, let's take a look at the packaging.

Spider-Man comes in the same vintage blister card back that we have seen with other vintage collection figures. The packaging is to mimic that of the old Toy Biz Spider-Man: The animated series packaging. We get the Animated logo at the top, and Spider-Man is displayed in a blister card in the middle, with some artwork of him off to the left. Turning the box to the side you get a nice look at the side of Spider-Man, this is nice for collectors who wish to keep the figure mint on the card. On the back of the box, you have a small read-up on Spider-Man next to the same artwork we saw on the front. Below you have a listing of the rest of the figures in this line. Turning the box around one more time we again get a nice look at the figure from the side.


OUTSIDE OF THE BOX: Let's open the box and take a closer look at the figure.

Taking Spider-Man out of the box, we see that the paint on him is nicely done, it is very clean on the figure. The only real issue is that this is to be the Symbiote Spider-Man when he had that costume there was a little black dot on the white square on the tops of his hands, which is missing so to me this is just the black costume. That is also why he probably comes with web thwip hands.


ACCESSORIES: Let's see what kind of accessories the figure comes with.

Spider-Man comes with 2 thwip hands and 2 open hands (Wall Crawling)


ARTICULATION: How can we pose the figure? Let's find out!


BUTTERFLY HING - This allows you to move the shoulder area front and back to get a better range of motion.

BALL-HINGED SHOULDERS - These give the arm 360-degree rotation and also the ability to raise and lower the arm.

UPPER BICEP SWIVEL - This cut lets you turn the whole arm below the cut 360 degrees.

DOUBLE-JOINTED ELBOWS - This allows you to bend the arm over 90 degrees.

SWIVEL HINGE WRISTS - This allows you to turn his wrists in a full 360-degree circle while also bending them up and down.

AB CRUNCH - This cut lets you be able to bend the figure front and back at the Abs.

WAIST SWIVEL - This lets you be able to turn the figure around 360 degrees at the waist.

BALL JOINTED LEGS - With this it allows the legs to move out to the side along with some front and back motion.

UPPER THIGH SWIVEL - The leg can rotate around a full 360 degrees.

DOUBLE-JOINTED KNEES - The joint allows you to bend the leg itself back to the butt of the figure.

BOOT CUT - This cut lets you swivel the boot around 360 degrees.

HINGED ANKLES WITH ROCKERS: - The ankle hinge allows you to bend the foot front and back. The rockers will enable you to rock the ankles towards the outside and inside of the legs of the figure.


SIZE COMPARISON: How does the size of this figure compare to others?

Spider-Man stands right around 6.5 inches tall. Here is Spider-Man standing next to his 3.5-inch counterpart and our newest Miles Spider-Man from the PS4/PS5 game.


RATING: What are Baby Huey's scores for the figure?

PAINT JOB 5/5 - It is only white paint on a black figure, but the paint that is on him is very clean.

FIGURE SCULPT 5/5 - This is the perfect Spider-Man body, I don’t mind the legs and arms having the pins since the figure is all one color, thankfully the arms and legs will be updated soon with the new pinless joints moving forward.

POSING 5/5 - You really can get him in just about any move or pose you want to.

ACCESSORIES: 5/5 - What else could you really want from this figure?

DURABILITY 5/5 - The plastic is very strong it won’t be breaking anytime soon.

OVERALL SCORE 5/5 - If you missed out on any other Black Costume or Symbiote Spider-Man then this is one you have to pick up.





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