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Toying Around Reviews - JustPlay Spider-Man Talking Plush

One of the toys from the TTPM conference that Mr. Maurer and I loved is already on the shelf. It's the JustPlay talking beanie Spiderman homecoming toy. We have a homemade costume and a stark costume. The detail even though it is a beanie toy is awesome. The Homemade suit has the goggles in the Stark suit has the webbing under the arms. These plush spideys will look great on any collector’s desk. However, keep your eyes peeled as they are just as enticing for your kids to play with.



So cool details about the homemade suit plus are that have added the goggles and also 5 phrases that you get when you squeeze his stomach.

  • I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

  • oh, yea!

  • Time to save the day.

  • Watch out! Red and blue coming through!

  • Watch out world here comes Spider-Man!


STARK-TECH SUIT With the Stark-Tech suit, the neat feature they added was his web wings in his armpits. Stark-Teck suit also comes with 4 Phrases and 1 sound effect.

  • Watch out for these webs

  • This new suit has all kinds of cool gadgets, check them out

  • It's super web-shooting time

  • Spider-Man ready for action, When you are!

  • "Thwiping" sound

Both retail for $9.99


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