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Toying Around Reviews - Ghostbusters Classic Peter Venkman

Love it or hate it we have a new Ghostbusters movie coming out soon, but with that, we have been getting some really cool items our way, like the return of the Ecto-Cooler and a Classic line of the original 4 Ghostbusters, so today we will be taking a look at one of them, Dr. Peter Venkman himself

PACKAGING: The Ghostbusters come packed in an all-black box with the logo at the top, the Ghostbusters name on the side with the figure displayed in the middle, Peter's name is displayed down below On the back of the box, you have all the other figures listed on the left side with the build-a-logo on the right

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here is the front and back side of Peter Venkman

ACCESSORIES: Peter comes with his proton pack and the cross-out logo for the build a logo

HEIGHT: Peter stands just a hair under 6 inches


SIZE COMPARISON: 1st we have Peter with BvS Batman and AOU Captain America 2nd we have Peter standing with some of IDW comic friends Raphael and Optimus Prime

FINAL THOUGHTS: These ate the same figures that were released on just without any of the extra accessories. For me they were a little too much, however, this time around they are a little cheaper and only at Walmart. If you are a fan of the Original Ghostbusters movies then they are worth picking up if you see them in the store!

Retail cost $19.99 I give Classic Collection Peter a 9/10


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