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Toying Around Reviews - DC Multiverse Rebirth Batman

Today we will be taking a look at the DC Rebirth Batman figure from the DC Comics Multiverse line. This is figure number 1 in the Collect-And-Connect ROOKIE line. The Multiverse line is made by Mattel and is designed to compete with Hasbro's Marvel Legends figures. The lines are said to spread across the whole DC multiverse and offer figures from Movies, TV, and comics. The line can be found at any box retail store like Toys R Us, Target, or Walmart.


Packaging: Before we open Batman up, let's take a look at the packaging.

Rebirth Batman comes in the standard red and black packaging that we see with all the Multiverse figures. You have the DC Comics logo at the top left to let you know that this is a comic-based figure. The DC Comics Multiverse logo is right below that. The figure is clearly displayed in the middle with his accessories displayed for you to see. On the bottom of the box, you have some artwork of Batman with his name and the wave name listed next to him. The left side of the box shows the Multiverse logo and the DC Comics logo. Turning the box to the back we have a nice view of the King Shark Collect-and-Connect figure, along with a listing of the rest of the figures needed to finish this wave, #1 - Rebirth Batman #2 - Reaper, #3 - Duke, #4 - Batwing, #5 - Atom. Moving the box around once more to the right side, we have that same Batman picture from before and a short bio listed below. AS THE DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE, BATMAN MUST PROTECT GOTHAM CITY FROM THE MANIAC TWO-FACE.


Outside of the Box: Let's open the box and take a closer look at Batman.

As we take a look at Batman outside the box, the first thing you notice is the bat logo on the chest. it is not just painted on. It is sculpted on and gives a very nice look to the figure. The next thing you can notice is his face. Mattel used a little too much skin color paint on the figure and it comes off very blotchy to me. =


Accessories: Let’s see what kind of accessories Batman comes with.

The only thing Batman comes with is the right leg for the Rookie Collect and Connect figure. They could have at least given Batman some bat-a-rangs.


ARTICULATION: How can we pose Batman? Let's find out!

Batman's articulation includes the following:

Mushroom Pegged Head - allows you to swivel the head 360 degrees. Ball Jointed Shoulders - gives the arm 360-degree rotation and also the ability to raise and lower the arm (arms are hindered due to the cape) Upper Bicep Swivel - allows or 360 degrees at this cut Singles Jointed Elbows - this allows for a 90-degree bend at the elbow Swivel Wrists - allows you to turn her wrists in a full 360-degree circle. Ab Crunch - this cut lets you be able to bend the figure front and back at the Abs. Waist Swivel - this cut lets you be able to turn the figure around from the waist. (hindered a little due to the size of the belt) Hinged Legs - This allows the legs to move out to the side along with some front and back motion. Lower Thigh Swivel - the leg can rotate around a full 360 degrees. Single Jointed Knees - This joint, although limited, allows you to bend the knee to about 90 degrees. Hinged Ankles - The ankle hinge allows you to bend the foot front and back.


SIZE COMPARISON: How does the size of this figure compare to others?

Batman stands about 6.5 inches tall. First up we have Year One Batman from the DC Multiverse line along with New 52 Batman from the old DCUC (Universe Classic) line with our new Rebirth Batman. Next, we have Batman standing next to the Batman from the BvS Multiverse line and also the Tech suit Batman from the new Justice League Line. Finally, we have Batman standing next to Iron Man from the Marvel Legends line and Robin from the DC Multiverse line.


Rating: What are Baby Huey's scores for the figure?

Paint Job 3/5 The paint on the body of the figure is nice, the bat logo is painted nice and the yellow/gold outline is spot on. The main issue I have with the paint is on the face. Way to much paint, it feels like it was globed on the head. other than that it is very nice. Figure Sculpt 4/5 The sculpt of this figure is very well done. The little details they put into the suit along with making the chest logo stick out and not just painted on really takes it up a notch. Just the way they sculpted the cape to lay over the shoulders really makes him look like he is ready for business, even though it hurts the posing, ill get into that next. Posing / Durability 2/5 Everything on this Batman is very good. You have the typical DC/Mattel joints but the only real downside to this figure is the cape, now while having the cape over the shoulders as they do does make him look really cool, you, however, can not get his arms up that much to get him in some cool poses. The arms came come about chest hit and that's about it. Overall Score 3/5 Don’t get me wrong I love this Batman figure, I just really wish they would have used a softer type of plastic on the cape so we could get his arms moving a little more. For me, this Batman will look great on a shelf standing tall and watching over all my other figures :-) I picked Batman up at my local Walmart. Suggested Retail Cost: $19.99


Time for some Toying Around!


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