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Toying Around Reviews - DC Collectibles ICONS Green Lantern

Today we will be looking at The Green Lantern from the Icons line by DC Collectibles.

The Green Lantern is a deluxe figure. He comes in a larger box than that of the standard Icons figures. The box has the figure clearly displayed in the middle with the Icons logo on the bottom left. One thing they are doing in the O of Icons is they are putting the hero or villain's logo inside it. The back of the box has images of the other figures in this wave (Flash, Blue Beetle, Black Adam, and Lex Luthor). The side of the packaging features a number 9 (as he is the 9th in the line) on the left of the box, and the figure's full name on the right (Green Lantern Hal Jordan).

ACCESSORIES: Where to start? He comes with a ton! He comes with left and right open hands, his Green Lantern, and a green fist construct. Everything else is to complete his armored-up look, shoulder pads, boots, leg pads, guns, and a winged flying backpack.

HEIGHT: Green Lantern stands right at 6 inches.

ARTICULATION: Thanks to DC Collectibles for putting this picture out, it explains all the articulation for all the Icon figures:

The Green Lantern figure is amazing. The sculpt work is on point. The paint looks spot on; the green has a metallic look to it, and the white has a pearl look going on. As for the articulation, well, what more can you ask for? He has more than most Marvel Legend figures. I only have one bad thing about the figure and I will get into that in a few.

The armored look is cool, however, I’m not 100% sure about the green plastic they used, While overall it does feel sturdy, trying to unsnap the leg pieces I feel like I am going to break them. They were also the hardest to un-snap and re-snap around the legs. The weight of the guns on the arms makes it so heavy that he has a hard time keeping his arms up, they just keep falling down.

The face sculpt is very nicely done, and I love the green metallic paint for the mask

For a size comparison, here he is standing next to some of his Justice League (Super) Friends.

So that’s my review of Green Lantern. As I said before the figure itself is a win for me, the armor pieces, while it was a nice touch, could have maybe done something a little different. I just feel like snapping the pieces on the body on and off again they will someday break. I would love the arm guns if they were a little smaller so Green Lantern could hold them up a little better.

Retail price: 24.99-29.99 I give him a 9/10


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