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Toying Around Reviews - BvS Lex Luthor

Today we will be taking a look at the Lex Luthor figure from the DC comics multiverse Batman v Superman line.

PACKAGING: You have the Batman v Superman logo in the upper left with The Multiverse logo right below it. Lex Luthor is displayed in the box with a picture of Lex from the movie and the name of the figure listed below. The back of the box lists a quick bio on what the line is all about. You have a picture of the Collect and Connect Grapnel Blaster in the middle with the rest of the figures shown at the bottom.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here are the front and back sides of Lex.

ACCESSORIES: Lex only comes with a piece of the Grapnel Blaster

HEIGHT: Lex stands just a little above 6 inches


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Lex with some of the other villains in the DC World

FINAL THOUGHTS: even though I didn’t really enjoy this version of Lex, the figure itself isn’t that bad. the detail in the figure is nice, it does look like he came right out of the movie.

Retail cost $19.99 I give Lex Luthor an 8/10



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