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Toying Around Reviews - Baby Huey's Top Ten of 2023

So yet another year has come and gone. I want to thank you all for all the love and support you all give me, this would not be possible if not for all of you so thank you! So please sit back and check out my TOP TEN from all the figures I reviewed this past year.



#10 - G.I. JOE Classified Series: Sgt. Slaughter

To start us off we have St. Slaughter. To be honest I never thought we would ever get a Slaughter figure in the Classified Series, but I am so happy that we did.


#9 - DC Multiverse Blue Beetle Movie

Next up we have Blue Beetle from the movie. The movie itself was fun and so was this figure. He comes with a lot of access to make the playtime fun and enjoyable.


#8 - Marvel Legends: Extremis Iron Man

This figure was long overdue for an update and Hasbro knocked it out of the park with this one, This suit has always been one of my favorites but now this figure is one of my favorite Iron Man figures.


#7 - DC Multiverse McFarlane Collectors Series Sinestro

McFarlane did such a good job on this Sinestro, Did it need to be in the higher-price Collectors Series, no not at all, but at the end of the day, it is a good figure, and happy to have it in my collection.


#6 - N.E.C.A. TMNT Archie Comics: Man Ray

When N.E.C.A. announced that they were doing the Archie comics I was so happy since that was the first comics I was reading as a kid, Man Ray or Ray Filet was one of my all-time favorite Ninja Turtle figures so I'm very happy to have this guy and even more excited that NECA killed it with this guy.


#5 - DC Multiverse: Batman (Flash Movie)

Say what you want about the Flash Movie, but THE BATMAN himself Michael Keaton was awesome in the movie. This figure is just as awesome.


#4 - N.E.C.A. TMNT The Last Ronin

At the start of the year, this was my #1 spot, The Last Ronin is such a good story and this is a great figure, I didn't think NECA could do any better, but I was wrong, you'll have to keep moving down the list to see why


#3 - Marvel Legends No Way Home Final Swing Spider-Man

As I stated before Hasbro made what I think is the best Iron Man figure this year, well this is the best Spider-Man figure they have made. The colors pop, the figure has sculpted line work, and comes with all the accessories you would need.


#2 - Mezco Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger

This was an early Christmas gift to me from Mr. Maurer and wow he is amazing. This is my first Mezco figure. The figure did not disappoint me.



First appearance Spider-Man and The Wonderer just missed out on making the Top 10 this year. They are both fun figures and i enjoyed playing with them.


#1 - NECA TMNT Jim Lawson Style Box Set

Hands down the Turtles 4 pack is my number #1 this year. They are amazing figures and come with so much stuff. The only downside was trying to get a hold of them being at Target and dealing with people scalping them.


So That’s a wrap on 2023. Thank you all again for another amazing year of toy reviews. ~Huey

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