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Toying Around Reviews - Baby Huey's Top Ten of 2022

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

So another year has come and gone, this year while challenging to a lot of people, we were able to get some cool Action Figures and collectibles. I want to thank you all for all the love and support you all give me, this would not be possible if not for all of you so thank you! So please sit back and take a look at my TOP TEN from all the figures I reviewed this past year.



#10 - Power Rangers Morphed Shredder

To start this year's list, we have the Morphed Shredder. This is how Shredder looked in the Power Rangers/TMNT crossover. a Green Ranger Shredder, how can you go wrong?


#9 - Marvel Legends Black Suit Spider-Man

Next up we have the Black Suit Spider-Man, this is the best Black Suit Spider-Man we have gotten so far, The buck is a good one for him.


#8 - Marvel Legends Mighty Thor

The Mighty Thor is up next, now while the movie had some mixed reviews you can't say that Hasbro didn’t nail this figure.


#7 - DC Multiverse Black Adam

Speaking of movies with mixed reviews, Black Adam. This is an entertaining figure and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of this figure.


#6 - Marvel Legends Multiverse of Madness Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange comes in at #6, he would have been higher but the cape does not stay on the buck nor does it have a peg or anything to lock it in. Any movement on the figure and the cape falls off.


#5 - Masterverse King Greyskull

King Greyskull was awesome in Kevin Smith’s MOTU show last year, I’m glad we got a figure of him. The softgood cape and all the accessories make him a lot of fun to play with.


#4 - Marvel Legends Iron Spider

Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel Hero. So I was excited to get my hands on this figure. He is very well done and the metallic gold and red paint make him pop.


#3 - DC Page Punches Superman

McFarlane started a new line this year, Page Punches, It has 4 and 6-inch figures with an exclusive comic book. This Superman from the line is one of my favorite Superman figures that the ToddFather has done to date, even beating out Rebirth Superman from last year.


#2 - TMNT Archie Comics Slash

Slash is one of my favorite anti-heroes/villains from TMNT. The Turtles were also the first real comic series I collected as a kid so I was super excited to get this figure and NECA killed it with this guy.



Japanese Spider-Man, Reverse Flash and Jon Favreau Paz Vizsla figures were all great and fun to play with, they all just missed out on this list.


#1 - Masterverse 40th Anniversary He-Man

Growing up my main go-to was He-Man, This past year was his 40th anniversary, and when Mattel announced they were doing this guy I was very excited and was even more excited when I got him in hand. Not only is the head sculpted perfectly. Mattel even gave him a new upper body that works with the figure. If I was taking my old He-Man figure and making him 7 inches, this is how I would want him to look.


So That’s a wrap on 2022, Thank you all again for another awesome year of toy reviews. ~Huey

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