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Sony's Spider-Verse Plans

Podcast Companion Post

When Marvel and Sony argue over Spider-Man, it's not just custody of the webhead stake – it's the whole multiverse! Join Mendte, Mashko, Mr. Maurer, Features, and lovable Ol’ Baby Huey as they follow the web of life and destiny. Together, the guys delve into the murky rumors swirling around Sony's Spider-Verse, untangling threads that might just reshape the multiverse post-Secret Wars. Features than has some thoughts about Marvel Comics Street Level Crossover, Gangwars, getting that silver screen treatment. After they drop the OFFICIAL THAT! Top Three COMIC BOOK LIST from the last 2-4 months. Then we get to reviewing last week's books like Avengers: Twilight, Duke, Spider-Punk, Thrown Alliances, and so many more. Tune in, turn up, and drop everything – because when the dust settles and the last page turns, all that's left to say is 'That's That!

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