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Secret Wars 2015: A Multiversal Showdown of Epic Proportions!

Prepare yourself for a cosmic rollercoaster ride as we delve into the thrilling pages of the original Secret Wars from 2015. This Marvel crossover event will leave you on the edge of your seat, ready to take on Avengers: Secret Wars in all its cinematic glory.

The story kicks off with a bang as Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, and the Molecule Man face off against the powerful Beyonders in a desperate attempt to save the Multiverse. Meanwhile, heroes from Earth-616 and Earth-1610 find themselves caught in the final Incursion, where universes collide and chaos ensues. Mister Fantastic and the Maker, the Earth-1610 counterpart of Mister Fantastic, devise separate plans to survive the cataclysm. While Mister Fantastic selects a group of heroes and scientists to weather the storm, the Maker has more self-centered intentions and sends a doomsday weapon and the deadly Children of Tomorrow to Earth-616.

But wait, the festivities don't stop there! The Kingpin decides to host a viewing party for the incursion, inviting all the villains to partake in the impending chaos. Little does he know, the Punisher crashes the party with a vengeance, leaving a trail of defeated villains in his wake.

As the Incursion intensifies, Manifold steps in to teleport the heroes to safety aboard the lifeboat. Cyclops, empowered by the Phoenix Force, joins the fray and annihilates the Children of Tomorrow before finding himself teleported onto the ship. The lifeboat, piloted by Mister Fantastic and Black Panther, heads straight for the heart of the Incursion. However, tragedy strikes as a hull breach separates a portion of the ship, dooming the Invisible Woman, the Thing, and the young Future Foundation members to a tragic fate.

As the two Earths collide, the world fades into white, only to be replaced by a mysterious black void. Out of the darkness emerges Doctor Doom's enigmatic mask, hinting at the enigmatic Battleworld that lies ahead. The life raft finally comes to rest on this enigmatic planet, leaving our heroes to face a new and unknown reality.

The story pivots to a new Thor, joining the ranks of the Thor Corps—a police force comprised of various Thor incarnations. The young Thor from the Battleworld domain of Higher Avalon regales us with the tale of how God Emperor Doom shaped the Earth and the universe itself. Accompanied by the seasoned Old Thor, they set off to confront Mister Sinister, the baron of Bar Sinister, who stands accused of covertly aligning with Baron Hyperion of Utopolis.

But hold on tight! The plot thickens as Sinister engages in a fierce battle with Brian Braddock, only to be interrupted by the imposing presence of God Emperor Doom himself. Sacrifices are made, confessions are revealed, and a journey to the Shield awaits.

Issue three brings us face-to-face with Sheriff Strange, who updates God Emperor Doom on the recent events of Battleworld. Reminiscing before the statue of the Molecule Man, they recount their harrowing battle against the Beyonders, salvaging fragments of dying Earths. Sheriff Strange's presence is then summoned to Utopolis by the Thor Corps, tasked with examining the Cabal's life raft. As the Thors set out on their mission, hidden secrets begin to unravel.

On the Isle of Agamotto, Sheriff Strange acquaints the hidden Miles Morales with the truth behind Battleworld. Soon, they stumble upon the discovery of another life raft—an artifact much older than anyone could have anticipated. As the story unfolds, the Cabal and the Maker emerge from the lifeboat, while Thanos receives an unexpected revelation.

The battles continue to escalate as the Thor Corps take on Thanos, the Cabal, and the Maker. Sheriff Strange arrives at the battlefield alongside the survivors of the life raft, ready to face the wrath of God Emperor Doom. The ensuing clash unleashes a display of powers and ferocity, as God Emperor Doom unleashes his might upon his adversaries. But the tides of battle momentarily shift when Cyclops, fueled by the Phoenix Force, confronts God Emperor Doom and gains a fleeting upper hand. Alas, the power of Doom prevails, resulting in a devastating blow as he ruthlessly snaps Cyclops' neck. The invaders are left with no choice but to surrender, as God Emperor Doom's dominance becomes further solidified.

We mourn the fallen Sheriff Strange and bear witness to God Emperor Doom's encounter with the real Molecule Man. The Beyonders' origins and the Molecule Man's unique existence across the multiverse are unveiled, shedding light on the cataclysmic events that led to Battleworld's creation. The detonation of a bomb, forged from the combined power of Molecule Men from various realities, allows the Earth-616 Molecule Man to absorb the Beyonders' power. This newfound power flows through him, channeled to God Emperor Doom, who in turn becomes the architect of Battleworld.

Valeria's Justice Division of the Future Foundation takes the stage as Battleworld descends into chaos. The Prophet, revealed to be Maximus, rallies his troops against God Emperor Doom, toppling the kingdoms of Egyptia and defying Doom's reign. As the conflict intensifies, loyal Barons, such as Mister Sinister and Maestro, are dispatched to quell the uprising. However, resistance grows, with former Baron Maestro and his army of Worldbreakers joining the fray. Amidst the chaos, Mister Fantastic and the Maker join forces, orchestrating a plan to uncover the true source of God Emperor Doom's power. Spider-Man and Miles infiltrate Castle Doom, encountering Valeria and unraveling the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

The battle reaches its climax as the Thor Corps, including the defiant Jane Foster, stand against God Emperor Doom. Baron Sinister's betrayal, the arrival of the resurrected James Braddock, and the clash between former allies-turned-enemies heighten the stakes. The fight for Battleworld's fate unfolds on the steps of Castle Doom, as Reed Richards and the Maker seize the opportunity to retrieve a precious artifact from God Emperor Doom's clutches. Meanwhile, Namor and Black Panther embark on a mission to rally reinforcements from the Deadlands, with the undead pledging their allegiance to the forces opposing Doom.

The chaotic conclusion unfolds as chaos ensues on the outskirts of Castle Doom. Mister Fantastic, the Maker, and Star-Lord find themselves in a perilous situation, with a rampaging Hulk wreaking havoc on their plans. The Maestro challenges God Emperor Doom, only to face the brute force of a giant Ben Grimm. Susan, Valeria, and the Black Swans attempt to save God Emperor Doom from the ensuing destruction. But as the battle rages, the true source of God Emperor Doom's power is revealed, leading to a clash between the Foundation and their once-almighty leader.

Amidst the mayhem, the final pieces fall into place. The Prophet, Maximus, leads his troops towards Castle Doom, joined by the Thor Corps and former Baron Maestro. The ultimate showdown commences, as allies and adversaries unite in a last-ditch effort to dethrone God Emperor Doom and reclaim Battleworld.

This breathtaking journey through Secret Wars 2015 sets the stage for the upcoming movie Avengers: Secret Wars. Brace yourself for a mind-bending multiversal adventure, where heroes clash, sacrifices are made, and a battle for the very fabric of reality unfolds. As Battleworld crumbles under the weight of rebellion, the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe hangs in the balance. Prepare to be dazzled, thrilled, and emotionally invested in Avengers: Secret Wars, as the legacy of Secret Wars 2015 comes alive on the big screen. Get your popcorn ready, buckle up, and prepare for the ultimate Marvel experience!

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