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Feige's Far Far Away & Kang's Doom

That Comic Podcast cover image number 38 featuring Blade, Dr. doom, Star Wars, invincible and gen V.

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back to the cheeky comic circus THAT! you have come to expect. Join our ridiculous ringleaders, the four clowns who haphazardly host this shindig as they stumble their way through all the comic book happenings from across the internet, the comicsphere, and every studio's multiverse. Mendte, Mashko, Features, and Baby Huey talk about the wild rumor that Marvel royalty, Kevin Feige, might jump ship to Star Wars, plus the Echo and Kingdome of the Planet of the Apes trailers, Gen V's finale, Invincible's season 2 opener, and another Turtle's crossover. After the guys jump into the News Flash and break down the Vanity Fair article saying wild things about Blade, Avengers, and Kang getting replaced by Doctor Doom! That's just the start, we have way more news and of course comic reviews. So let's get into it. That's That!


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