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Deadpool & Wolverine Walk into the MCU

Deadpool and wolverine on the cover of the Comic podcast episode 21 featuring Mary Jane Watson, twisted metal and Superman.

Podcast Companion Post

It's glorious. You all know what I'm talking about. Welcome back That! Crew and all that good stuff, but can we just appreciate that Deadpool and Wolverine photo? Believe you me we are talking about it ok today's show.  Join Mendte Mashko, Features, and that lovable scamp Mr. Maurer as they catch you up on the world of Comics. Not only do we talk about this “Mutant Saga” you may have heard about coming to the MCU, but we also talk about the new Twisted Metal trailer, Mary Jane from Spider-Man gives new meaning to the word Jackpot, and if My Adventures with Superman is bad or not.  So settle down, go for a walk, run some errands, wherever you enjoy this show, get ready. That's That!

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