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Cap’s Infinity Steppin’ while Marvel takes it to the Leakers

That comic podcast cover image featuring captain america, Batman,star wars, and blood hunt from marvel comic books

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I think things are turning around That! Crew! If these rumors are true Disney Plus might give us its first monster Marvel show, but of course, we are not all happy about it. Join Mendte, Mashko, Maurer, Features, and the Babiest of Hueys was the breakdown of the recent rumors around Chris Evans returning to the shield for a miniseries. Marvel isn’t happy about all these leaks, so the guys also talk about their recent crackdown, plus our first look at Batman: The Caped Crusader from Amazon Prime. Then after a quick review for Tales of the Empire from Star Wars, the guys get lost in the fangs and gore in SPOILER ALERT Blood Hunt, Marvel's newest line-wide crossover. So grab your hold water, crosses, and garlic as you play a little catch-up on your way to the shop. That’s That!


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Comic Review List

Blood Hunt

Doctor Strange 15

Dracula 1

Strange Academy 1

Blood Hunters 1

Avengers 14

Venom 33

Spider-Man 49

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